The T Shirt Man is fully equipped to produce clothing for your very own fashion brand. We offer designers a full consultation regarding methods of printing and garment type and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

The T-Shirt Man is happy to provide you with samples and can also offer a tagging service as well as bags and merchandise to make your brand stand out from the rest.

The T Shirt Man is a printing company

But we are also currently developing a community of artist that have their artwork printed onto garment and sold throughout the UK, under the name of Individual Threads ( Using our own experience we believe we are able to offer you the best service in printing for your fashion brand.

We understand how difficult starting a business

As an independent company we understand how difficult starting a brand can and are willing to offer our advice to any designer, creator or business person that would like to work in the fashion industry. As well as creating our own well known multi award winning brand we have also helped many more realise the potential profits available from creating a fashion brand and marketing it correctly.

The T Shirt Man prints brands such as Street King, The Secret Society and Musically Motivated.

Use our designer by clicking here to start creating your own garment today.

For more information or any questions feel free to call us, find our details on our  CONTACT PAGE.