Why Stag & Hen Party Printed T shirts Will Make your Last Party the One to Remember

Getting married is a significant step in an individuals’ life and comes with a change in status and lifestyle. The decision to get married is often accompanied by a lot of anxiety and excitement. People choose different ways to transition between singlehood and life as a married couple. In most cases, many hold a […]

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T Shirt Printing in Portsmouth

So this has been a ultra-busy week and not as we would usually consider a week to be busy, this week was busy not because of volume of garments but the sheer number of single t shirts that we have printed an in most cases that have been collected from our store in Palmerston […]

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Great South Run

The t shirt man would like to say good luck to all those running the great south run tomorrow. A special shout to a new business CrossFit Portsea Island who we printed some promotional merch for them last week. Go Carl..

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Super yachts.com t shirts completed

Your t shirts are finished. Enjoy your weekend with them.

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The new t shirt man website

So this week we have uploaded the new site and although there are a few teething issues I think that it is a great upgrade from the old site. Many thanks to James Cobbett for the hard work and the beautiful graphics. Lot more coming soon with a larger t shirt shop.

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